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Make FRESH snacks, smoothies and soups from the gym, your car or your desk!

Blend anything anywhere with your own personal blender!

Polar Blend is the perfect portable solution for people who want a healthy lifestyle on-the-go!

Polar Blend

At Polar Blend, our mission is to provide a line of powerful cordless devices that give our customers the freedom to create and enjoy fresh and healthy options throughout their day and wherever they go! We continue to be an industry leader by providing high-quality products to the health-conscious community.

Polar Blend is a personal portable blender for instant healthy snacks or beverages on-the-go and wherever your healthy lifestyle takes you! Use Polar Blend to make delicious shakes, soups, dressings or smoothies.

Here at Polar Blend, we are committed to offering premier products for customers who lead an active, healthy lifestyle! Join us on our journey to health and wellness!

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Originally designed to crush ice, Polar Blend has two powerful speeds for mixing and blending:

The Stir Button feature keeps the contents fresh and blended and is perfect for softer fruits and vegetables like bananas and berries. The Blend Button will crush ice and easily blend frozen fruits and veggies in no time! Your Polar Blend blender will be a staple everywhere you go!


Your new Polar Blend blender has several built-in safety features that other blenders don’t have.

OVERLOAD SENSOR:  This feature prevents the blender from operating if it gets overfilled with ingredients, thereby keeping the motor from overheating.


Polar Blend

SMART SAFETY LID COVER: To avoid personal injury, the motor will not start if the lid is not properly secured to the blender shaker.

SAFETY CYCLE: Every 20 seconds, the motor will cool down to prevent overheating. Simply press the blend or stir buttons to restart!

Your Polar Blend uses only the highest rated UL LISTED BATTERIES for optimum safety and performance.

Polar Blend blenders are rated CERTIFIED by the FDA, so you are assured it is manufactured with only the highest quality materials resulting in the highest food safety ratings.

BPA AND BPS FREE Tritan cup.

DON’T FORGET: With a battery power of 8400mAH, your Polar Blend is always ready to make up to 50 drinks on a single charge!


The Polar Blend blender was specially designed to be taken on-the-go and for people who are always on-the-go!


Now you can prepare your favorite smoothies anywhere a USB device would be used. Laptop, power-bank, car charger or the wall, your Polar Blend goes with you anywhere and everywhere you do!


Take it to work, school, the gym, the beach, camping, hiking, even on the water! It even charges in your car and is designed to fit easily in your car’s cup holder!

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The sleek design of the Polar Blend cup is made from durable Tritan plastic and is safer than glass and commercial-grade plastic. The Polar Blend cup holds 24 total ounces of liquid, and is leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and BPA and BPS free to ensure a lifetime of healthy blending!

Perfect for hot or cold blending, the cup sits easily in one hand!

The removable stainless-steel blade is powerful enough to crush even the largest cubes of ice and then easily blends fruits and vegetables!

Your Polar Blend personal blender comes with:

  • A carabiner loop that adjusts to any position on a purse, backpack or gym bag and is strong enough to hold 10 lbs.
  • A travel lid with a drinking spout that is leak-proof when closed. Now you can blend and drink from the same cup!
  • A removable strainer that separates unwanted pulp for extra smooth smoothies and soups!


The Polar Blend portable blender was designed to fit the multiple ways you live your life! Refer to the illustrations in your User Guide.

  • JUST THE CUP -blend your ingredients, seal the lid and take it to go!
  • CUP/MOTOR BASE COMBO- assemble your ingredients for a fresh smoothie or soup, seal it and then blend fresh wherever you are and whenever you’re ready!
  • TOTE IT ALL - crush ice, mix ingredients and enjoy freshness instantly!
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No matter where you go or where you are, your personal Polar Blend blender will always be at the ready for a healthy meal or smoothie on-the-go.

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